Is it time to consider the best way to take care of your spouse or elderly parents? If their health care needs make it impossible for them to remain in their home without care, it may be time to consider. Haymond Law offers a complete range of elder care and long-term planning services.

Often, the most significant challenges facing families with elderly loved ones is protecting their personal assets while qualifying them for public benefits, including Medicaid and VA benefits. Haymond Law elder law attorneys are ready to evaluate your total family needs, and to develop a comprehensive plan that meets your family's goals regarding health care, living standards, tax benefits and financial planning.

A Complete Team Approach

We work as a team to help ensure that your loved ones have options for the best care possible and the resources to pay for care for the remainder of their lives. We solve the legal issues, so you can focus on your family.

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Talk to a member of our elder law team about our experience and knowledge of estate preservation laws for the elderly, including:

  • Medicaid planning: Long-term care facilities cost an average of $70,000 per year. We will help you preserve your family assets by finding available federal and state programs that pay for medical care, institutional services, behavioral health, and case management services.

  • VA benefits: Eligible veterans and their surviving spouses can receive non-taxable monthly income from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Additional benefits include medications, medical equipment, glasses and hearing aids, and burial benefits. We can help clients qualify for these programs.

  • Conservatorship: In the event an elderly loved one becomes incapacitated, we can help you protect his or her estate by securing a conservatorship. Our array of life-care services includes durable powers of attorney and advanced health care directives.