Financial Planning Assistance

Haymond Law, offers a full range of legal planning, documents and strategies for giving you confidence that your assets are protected now and for generations after your death. We are recognized for our professional approach and responsiveness to every client's unique circumstances and needs. Whether you have millions of dollars in assets or are simply interested in protecting your surviving spouse and children from a diminished lifestyle upon your incapacity or death, your estate plan will benefit from our professional strategies, knowledge of tax laws and insight.

Don't assume that your last will and testament is adequate to protect your family upon your death. It is a start, but it is not enough. Even the most carefully created will won't protect your heirs and beneficiaries from estate taxes, expenses, publicity and delays of probate. It won’t prevent a disastrous result from a poorly constructed or directed financial and life insurance plan. Even if you have established a revocable living trust, it might not include every tax advantage necessary to protect your assets upon death. If you have minor children or children from a previous marriage, if you have a spouse or elderly parents with long-term care needs that can devastate an estate, if you have a potential income, capital gains or estate tax issue, or if you want to protect your beneficiaries from creditors or predators, you need a well-crafted, intelligent estate plan that covers the four corners of planning. We review clients’ financial and insurance planning to ensure they are getting the very best advice and resources possible to protect them, their loved ones, and their legacy.